Melbourne Angels finds excitement in Facilities Management!!

Melbourne Angels finds excitement in Facilities Management!!

So often when we walk into large modern large buildings it is easy to imagine the complex systems and services required to keep the building running smoothly. Things break, things go wrong, building occupants and tenants have myriad day-to-day requests and a huge variety of issues that need to be dealt with, from electricity to telecommunications, such as broken lifts and out-of-order escalators, to everyday incidents such as flickering lightbulbs, blocked toilets or dripping taps.

What happens though when you are running a collection of buildings over a number of locations with a wide range of frontline staff and a diverse group of inhouse and external contractors? You need a system that can handle the complexity but is still flexible and easy enough for very different types of people to use in different situations.

When FMClarity came to Melbourne Angels with a system that had been through multiple iterations and had gained the support of a collection of enthusiastic and engaged customers, it was clear that there was the opportunity for an investment to scale the business to focus on opportunities in aged care, healthcare and education.

FMClarity was founded by Richard Ham, who saw the opportunity while working in commercial real estate and property management. He set out to create a modern, intuitive platform that would simplify the tasks of facility management and property management and be accessible no matter what device you were using or your level of technical skills. He added the capability to automate work orders, compliance processes and documentation, with instant messaging to streamline communications.

“We’ve taken up the challenge using the latest technology and design thinking to build a best-of-breed platform that anyone can use out of the box to maximise efficiency and collaboration across their organisation – it really is a step-change for the industry,” said CEO Richard Ham.

“Richard came to us with an exciting opportunity in an area that has not received the attention that is due. You don’t usually want facilities management to be exciting, it just should work smoothly in the background.” said Melbourne Angels deal lead John Bauer. “In this case it was Richard’s customers that sold us on the deal – they have even asked to come to work on the FMClarity team”