We welcome new members to our diverse collective and encourage approaches from founders seeking astute, active shareholders.

Our Values

+ People come first!

+ No discrimination for or against any person on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability, or age.

+ Treat everybody with courtesy, consideration and respect. Expect to be treated in the same way.

+ Honesty, ethics, integrity and professionalism.

Formed in Melbourne in early 2007 by a group of eight business people experienced as founders, entrepreneurs, executives and venture capitalists to pioneer the growth of Angel investment. One of the longest operating Angel groups in Australia, Melbourne Angels was awarded the Most Active Angel Group in 2018 (the first year of the awards), the Most Active Angel Investor in 2018, 2019 & 2020, Angel Investor of the Year in 2019 and Angel Exit of the Year in 2020.

Our goal is to be the most impactful investor in high-growth start-ups in Australia. To do that we need to:

+ Be the most active and effective early-stage investor in Australia, realising substantial economic and social returns to founders and investors from building high-value, ethical businesses which exploit technology to realise sustainable, unfair advantage in the market.

+ Operate as an inclusive collaboration that draws strength and insight from the diversity of our members.

+ Provide our portfolio companies with financial and intellectual capital that is instrumental to and aligned with the shared goal of rapid success of the business and realisation of its value.

+ Meet our Management Team

We invest in the people who create great companies!

To realise our mission we recruit members who are successful business people and professionals at every stage of their career. We embrace the wisdom of experience, the energy of execution and the insights of youth to build a community best equipped to identify, understand and assist great opportunities. Our members are men and women of all ages and backgrounds, many with international experience and all have a passion for entrepreneurial effort.

As a non-profit entity, our members invest individually and directly, making a personal commitment to each company they choose. Our members collaborate on due diligence and make individual investment decisions based on a thorough review of all information, including meeting and speaking with representatives of the company. Melbourne Angels Incorporated does not invest directly, nor act as an investment agent.

How we Give

Melbourne Angels has made a personal and professional commitment to the ongoing development of the startup ecosystem in Victoria. This includes mentoring exciting local startup companies and lecturing and speaking on educational and community interest panels across the state. It includes persistent relationships with universities where Melbourne Angels members participate as guest lecturers, judges and offer internship opportunities to carefully selected bright young students. They get an opportunity to network with the Angels, attend meetings and participate in deal process and due diligence.

We operate our Angels In Residence program through which members are present in various co-working spaces on a regular basis to provide free coaching and guidance to startup founders and their teams. Our members are active as mentors in many of the accelerators and incubators.

Code of Conduct

Melbourne Angels members recognise the importance of our investments and related activities in affecting the livelihoods of others. We accept a personal obligation to our peers and the communities in which we act to commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Every member of Melbourne Angels is required to submit formally to this Code of Conduct. Any breach of this Code shall be sufficient grounds for expulsion from Melbourne Angels without limiting the rights of the group, any member, or any other party to pursue the member in breach for his/her actions.

Each member shall comply with this Code of Conduct in respect of any Melbourne Angels related activity in which the member is an actual or prospective investor, advisor, or participant:

1. Members shall act with honour, integrity, dignity, diligence and in good faith in order to merit the trust of their peers and of the community.

2. Members shall act with honesty, equity and without discrimination towards all individuals in the community.

3. Members have an obligation to be ethical in judgement and actions.

4. Members shall promptly and properly disclose and manage any conflict of interests that may arise.

5. Members shall not engage in conduct likely to bring discredit upon their Angel investments, their peers, or the Melbourne Angels.

6. Members shall not take improper advantage of their position as an actual or prospective investor, or advisor.

7. Members shall not make improper use of information acquired as an actual or prospective investor, or advisor.

8. Members will respect and be cognisant of the confidentiality and copyright of all documents and materials provided by the Group and by suppliers, partners and other Angel organisations that deliver to members information, materials, education and advice via the Group.

9. Confidential information received by members in the course of considering, making, or advising on an Angel investment remains the property of the person or company from which it was obtained and it is improper for the members to disclose, or allow to be disclosed that confidential information, unless that disclosure has been authorised by that company or person from whom the information is provided, or is required by law.

10. Members shall, where relevant, take reasonable steps to inform themselves, their peers, their portfolio companies and their advisors, of the social, environmental, economic and other possible consequences which may arise from their actions.

11. Members have an obligation, at all times, to comply with the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law and with the principles of this Code. Members shall not assist in or induce a breach of this Code and shall support those who seek to uphold the Code if called upon, or in a position to do so.

12. Members will respond promptly, fully and honestly to Melbourne Angels research of group activities and/or Angel investing. All information gathered in research by the Melbourne Angels will be treated in accordance with this Code, the Melbourne Angels Privacy Policy and only be presented in results of the research as anonymous, aggregated data.