New Leadership, New Opportunities, Same Integrity, Same Quality

New Leadership, New Opportunities, Same Integrity, Same Quality

Melbourne Angels is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Baron as President and Jillian Zsidy as Vice President.

Jillian is a self-described start-up addict, as well as being an Agile project delivery professional at a major bank. Paul is a consultant and adviser with background in both the public and private sector in digital marketing and technology.

Paul established his reputation within the start-up ecosystem through his active engagement with pre-investment level founders. He established Melbourne Angel’s “Angel in Residence” program with a range of co-working spaces and remains Angel in Residence at Inspire9.

Melbourne Angels is very much the quiet achiever of the Victorian start-up ecosystem investing $2-3 million in early-stage start-ups every year. The 90+ members are motivated by wanting to go on the journey with founders and are actively involved in the investment process.

“We will continue to focus on growing and educating our angel investment community and our work to streamline and demystify our activities both to founders and future angel investors” said Paul Baron.

“I love sharing my passion for start-ups. Some people start share portfolios – for me I started a portfolio of start-up companies to create something that wasn’t there before, something which I could be engaged with, which I could add value to, something that would create jobs and make the world a better place.”

Paul Baron, President, Melbourne Angels 2021

“I was thrilled when Jillian was appointed as Vice President. She is a passionate advocate for start-ups. Her honest, direct and authentic approach has made her a highly valued member of Melbourne Angels. Her work on the screening team has been outstanding and I know many founders have appreciated her feedback and advice in pitching for investment.”

Patricia Boyce, a Director at Seed Advisory, has joined the Management Team. Jonathan Tooth has served as Chair of the Investment Team since 2016. While he stood down this year to focus on his work, Jonathan will continue to be an active and influential member of the group.

Founder and long-time President, Jordan Green, will continue to play a role as President Emeritus.

“Jordan Green’s contribution and service to the group as both founder and President for 15 years has been outstanding” said incoming President Paul Baron. “Jordan has an international reputation as a knowledgeable and influential thought leader. He has an unmatched network across Angel groups and a long list of achievements and successes over his years of service but, perhaps, what he is best known for amongst Melbourne Angels is his generosity with his time and energy helping and advising both founders and investors.”